101 Goals – Discover 25 new restaurants

I love food – who doesn’t after all? I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a foodie. Not at all even. But I do know good food when they serve it and I can definitely appreciate it.

Combine that with my craving for new discoveries and you’ll immediately understand why I’ve added “Discover 25 new restaurants” to my list of 101 goals in 1.001 days!

  1. 02/02/2016 – ‘t Verwenkaffee – Dilbeek (Brussels)

20 Small Ways You Can Love Yourself A Little More Each Morning

Smile, just because.

Source: 20 Small Ways You Can Love Yourself A Little More Each Morning

Now this is an article that I highly recommend.

Today we all live a high paced life, trying to meet all the expectations life and society have spelled out for us. We’re more worried about being who the others, who the world expect us to be rather than to take the time to grow and become the person we want to be.

By the time we realize that we need a break, that every now and then we need to stop to smell the roses and take a breath … We often don’t even recognize ourselves, let alone love ourselves.

You don’t (necessarily) need an “Eat. Pray. Love.” experience to find yourself or to grow to love the person that you are. This article states that it’s perfectly possible to (learn to) love yourself (a bit more) through a few simple rituals.
I’m not saying that soul-searching-trips are a bad thing (not at all), but let’s not forget that life isn’t just made up of the big life-changing moments. There’s also countless little moments in life, countless chances every day to turn your life around and to make a change.

You’re never too old for Disney!

While browsing the web, I stumbled across the blog of ‘Word Wonders‘, who recently added a post answering 30 questions about Disney. And as I too agree that you’re never too old for Disney, I figured that I might answer them as well!

1. Favourite Character

 Without a doubt my favourite character / princess / … of Disney!

She’s an intelligent, beautiful bookwurm with a romantic heart, dreaming of living an extraordinary life. On top of that she has the most beautiful dress of all Disney princesses (yes, that’s an important criterium).

Why would I want to relate to any other Disney Princess than Belle?

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Feel the fear and do it anyway!

I you would’ve told me a year ago that I’d take 4 flights in less than 24 hours, alone and without causing any drama… I wouldn’t have believed you. I probably would’ve laughed in your face.

Let’s be clear, I’ll never enjoy flying. I really won’t. But I feel as if I’ve at least reached a point where that fear is not controlling my life anymore.
It’s never really decided my fate, as I’m not the kind of girl to let anything stop me from living my dreams, travelling the world and discovering new horizons (well… except for the lack of money that is).
But it’s quite comforting to realize that I CAN do it, without being sick of fear anymore. It’s quite comforting to realize that I CAN do it alone, without depending on anyone else anymore.

I feel the fear, but I’ll do it anyway!

My African Dream

I’m planning a trip to South-Africa with my boyfriend who’s living in Africa for the next three years… ‘My African Dream’ seems like a fitting sentence for my life right now.

I think we like to complicate things when it is really quite simple; find what it is that makes you happy and who it is that makes you happy and you’re set. Promise.

~ Unknown