So… I quit my job.

So… I quit my job two weeks ago.

It’s probably the most terrifying thing I’ve done in quite some time. But I did it. And I came out alive. Believe it or not, that was actually my main concern.

And now I’m here to tell the tale!

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Alphabet Challenge - HEADER

“A” for Apple

Green apples, to be more precise. My favorite and also the only kind of apple that I like, actually.

I’ve always prefered the sour taste of green apples over the overly sweet and grainy taste of 80% of all the other apples.

When I was still a competition swimmer, green apples were part of my diet. A rather important part, as I always had one after practice. The best way to replenish energy after a hefty workout!


Alphabet Challenge - HEADER

The Alphabet Challenge

A couple of months ago (if not longer), I came across a new writing event. One that seems rather interesting and one that I can’t wait to start! “The Alphabet Challenge”.

The challenge is to create a post for each letter of the alphabet within an overall theme
You choose the topics you care about, making it a Personal A to Z of your subject.
You get the excuse to write freely and with passion about matters that are important to you, which may help you find your ‘voice’ or hone your blogging style.

The coming weeks, the different letters of the alphabet will make their appearance on Lyrallya, all attached and representing a different aspect of me. I hope you enjoy.


“Mobile” Photo – Day 5

There’s a movie about the Backstreet Boys. Usually that’s not something that I would watch in the cinema, but hey… I’ve been a huge fan of the Backstreet Boys for most of my life now, so it was logical that I would make an exception just this once.

If you haven’t seen it yet… GO WATCH! It’s definitely worth it!

10 Things - HEADER

10 Things you should know before adopting a cat!

1. Don’t judge a cat by his / her background

Cat 4Every year, millions of cats are born on the street or end up in the cold when their families leave them behind or kick them out. You’d be surprised by the number of owners who “forget” their cat when moving or who don’t want the animal near their babies… Just thinking about it makes my heart clench.

Animal shelters, cat rescue centers… They are all overflowing with stray cats who want nothing more than a loving family, some affection and a blanket by the fireplace.

These cats are often older than the kittens that seduce so many of us. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The advantage of adopting an older cat is that you know exactly what kind of character he or she has. What you see is what you get!
There is after all, no way to predict what character traits a kitten might develop when growing up…

And make no mistake, they can give you as much, if not more, love than a little kitten. Even more so: they’ll be forever grateful that you chose to save them by taking them in!

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